• I’m not sure how much more scrubbing my couch can handle! Randomly... maybe once or twice a week I find stains on my couch. I’m thinking it’s anal leakage 🤢 but it doesn’t stink and he hasn’t been scooting or showing irritation. Any ideas?


  • If it is anal leakage he probably tries to clean it up. All of mine have done that if they leak.

  • @mnbadger Perhaps a blanket, sheet, or other throw over the sofa would help save your sofa until you can resolve the issue...

  • I would agree that it is "leakage".... and agree that a throw/blanket on the couch. Have you discussed with your vet? or the breeder? However that said, this looks to be more than just anal leakage, just from the pictures. Share the picture with your Vet and/or Breeder

  • When my dogs got on the furniture (don't now, all too old to get up), I bought some blue vinyl and cut it to the length of the cushions. Then I bought some cheap bed pillows, about $3 at Walmart, and put one or 2 on the vinyl for them to sleep on. I threw the pillows away when they got anything on them, or were just 'dirty' The vinyl is easy to wipe clean.
    I've found that just a sheet on the furniture doesn't protect the furniture because it's too thin.

  • Don’t scrub you are just pushing it in further. Pat dab. My little boy when I first got him and sometimes now has wet farts when he was a small puppy I had no idea they farted so much! He was sitting on my a few times and farted and it was a wet ones. I don’t know if this helps.

  • @brindledogs - Interesting in 30+ yrs in the breed, never had that issue? What was the food source?

  • Also my non-basenji has dry skin on her ears and she itches them and they start to have a small bleed this stain looks like that. Check the dog for any battle wounds!

  • Definitely looks like anal leakage which he has tried to clean up. Don't scrub it, for the good of the chair, wet it well and pat it out.

    But most important is to find out why this keeps happening - Is he getting enough fibre in his diet ? Just what are you feeding him ? Don't just squeeze out the glands too often. The more you do it, the more you will have to. Best to help him, through good diet, to deal with them himself.

    It wouldn't hurt to talk to a Basenji knowledgeable vet but this should be something you can clear up yourself with a change in his feeding.

  • @brindledogs said in Couch mystery stains:

    I had no idea they farted so much!

    They don't ! At least not in my experience - having lived with up to eight at a time in the kitchen, with access to the rest of the house in the evenings when we are about over the past 39 years. If they were in any way offensive they wouldn't live with us as house pets and I wouldn't be so keen on this and no other breed of canine.

    What on earth are you feeding him ? I suggest you at least consider a change of diet to something less gassy 1

  • It was so rare that (X - sorry, can't remember which) was sleeping on the coveted heat vent, and had an audible fart. X immediately woke up, looked at the source of the noise with a "what the heck was that?' look!
    (It was 3 feet away, and LOUD)

    (Nothing like writing a 5th grade post)

  • I did switch to adult dog food about 3 weeks ago and the intensity definitely increased but now seems to have settled back down. My B loves carrots and pumpkin so he’s getting an increase in fiber. Hopefully this solves it (5 days no stains). I did check for wounds and nothing that I could find. I’m really glad it’s not wet farts!

    I did end up getting a wet shampoo vacuum that makes cleanup easier.

  • Following up a bit. I did have the vet look at his anal glands and she said they were clear. I have increased his fiber and since then no stains. Unsure if the increase had anything to do with it but I’m happy that the stains are not showing up anymore.

  • @mnbadger - Remember that carrots have sugar so other veggies are better for them then Carrots... OK for a change, but not every day (In my opinion)...

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