• hi im from scotland and have had 4 basenjis 2 from puppies and 2 from rescue at the moment i have ben 8years from rescue and miley a rough collie also from breed rescue i dont seem to be able to upload any photos it keeps saying there too big.

    ![alt text](![image url](![0_1590004780605_2009_01290001.JPG](Uploading 97%) image url))

  • Not sure how large they are to begin with, but something as small as 350X250 should work and be easily viewable.

    Where in Scotland?

  • Hi Ellen, yes, just go into Photoshop (or whatever software you have for your photos and change their size) I usually send my photos in at 200px and they load easily. You must have warm coats for those scottish basenjis? 👋🏻

  • @ellen-25
    Hello Ellen!
    Bless you for doing rescue! I can't wait to see those Scottish basenjis!!!

  • Yes - and please send me pictures for the database ! Brits are notoriously bad at supplying photos - some countries have pics in an entire five generation pedigree !

    Details of how to send them, and my email address are in the signature block - I look forward to including them !

  • sally iv lost the full pedigrees over the years only sire and dam um where is the signature block

  • Give me sire and dam - I will probably be able to find them. I have all UK registered dogs cos I buy the Breed Record Supplements quarterly.

    Go go http://www.pedigrees.zandebasenjis.com/ and there is an email address.

    We can move on to emails while we get it sorted out.
    Thanks !

  • hi live in the sw of scotland next the sea its been hot and dry up to now the dogs are sunbathing every day and we have been in lockdown for 12 weeks the dogs have the beach on there own still cant upload photos

  • @ellen-25 said in hi im from scotland:

    still cant upload photos

    Just make sure they are not too big. Are your photos on line or on your computer? If they are on your computer then you just click on the icon second from the left at the top of the compose window and you should be able to browse to find the picture you want. If it's too big most photo programs will allow you to downsize them. There are also free apps on line to help you resize photos.

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