Feeding Stella and Chewy’s cause diarrhea?

Any feed back would be amazing

It is possible, what were you feed before? When did you change? Did you change over slowly?

I have been feeding both basenji's Stella and Chewy, raw blend for a couple years with no trouble...

Please understand that your question does not provide enough information. There are so many things that could be the cause of "digestive issues", anyone trying to answer this would be guessing. And that isn't going to be helpful for you, your dog, or our other readers.

  • How long have you been feeding this product to your dog?
  • What were you feeding your dog prior to this?
  • Have there been any other changes?
  • It has been a few days since you posted this... have you noticed any changes since then?
  • etc., etc., etc.

@elbrant said in Feeding Stella and Chewy’s cause diarrhea?:

anyone trying to answer this would be guessing

But elbrant ! however detailed the question - and I'll agree this one does lack detail - we are ALL only guessing, all of the time (those of us, that is, who have not physically examined the dog, are not veterinary practitioners or run a variety of tests !

I might be prepared to hazard a guess, given lots more information though ! LOL

@zande said in Feeding Stella and Chewy’s cause diarrhea?:

we are ALL only guessing

True, no arguments on that!

Both dogs that is alarming. It could be most anything. Intestinal bug -to something they both shared and ate...
Is it with every feeding, do they eat out of single bowl, how loose is stool? is their blood in stool? ..... please take sample to vet if persistent. Dehydration is a problem with excessive stooling. It doesn’t take long for a dog ( small) to become lethargic because of the above. not a vet or vet tech, am an RN. But have dealt with a dog that had the above. Hope you found the source and they are are on the mend....

My pups love stella and chewy brand food.
But I never heard that they suffered from diarrhea coz of that food.
I will soon update you with some experiments.

Thank you.
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