Hello. We just got our puppy last Wednesday. Her name is Victra and she's amazingly sweet.

If you want to see more I made her a tiny instagram. @victra_the_basenji

Looking forward to talking about her, as we are looking for some advice that I will ask in other areas of the forum. But overall she's been a great girl.


She's adorable! Thanks for the pictures.

She is so cute! I remember when my Keegan was so little, just a year ago. Get ready for the fun and enjoy your girl!

What a SWEETHEART 💗. She is adorable! Thanks for sharing. 🐾🐕

That's a world class cutie! Enjoy.

Way cute. Take lots of pictures they grow very fast.

@rockonrush your puppy is so adorable. We have a black and will cherish your puppy forever. Can you share the breeder? We want another one : )
0_1585188058694_Miles & My Shoe.jpg

ariadne PS happy to share training tips--but they don't work!

@rockonrush said in Victra:


I love how they curl up in your lap, it is so wonderful. You will have many happy moments, have fun with her.

Seeing this photo of your Basenji brings a smile to my face. I’ve been overwhelmed with all of the news of the Corona virus that viewing this forum enables me to have some happiness. I enjoy everyone’s photos and stories of their basenjis. Keep them coming........... 🐾🐕❤

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