• For sure you are welcome, there are others with mixes….. and I might bet that she is corgi/Basenji mix.....

    Again, Welcome!

  • OMG the second picture is sooooo cute!< She looks so happy. I could see why you rescued her!

  • She is very happy in her new home- lots of toys to play with. 🙂 I'm pretty sure that there is Corgi in her (the larger ears and the straighter tail) but a LOT of her is Basenji. She rarely barks, and when she does, it seems like she can't get it out right. She's a GREAT howler though! Most of the people she meets, they ask if she's a Basenji, or what else is in there aside from Basenji.

  • oh she is a charmer…thank you for rescueing her. 🙂 from chris and tom on cape cod

  • She clearly looks like she is at least part Basenji! She is adorable. And OF COURSE you are welcome here!

  • Yes, there are Basenji mixes here as members, why would we be so proud to not offer you our forum for having a mix B. We love them all, mixes and purebred, Basenji is in her for sure. She has the coloring of a Basenji, and looks like one to me, she is mixed, maybe with Corgi. I bet you could find out for sure if you had to know, by DNA. Anyways, she is very cute and looks very happy. Thanks for the rescue of this pretty girl.

  • Welcome!!! I'd agree Corgi/Basenji, she looks in the pics to have a Corgi coat, looks a little to dense for Basenji. She's an absolute doll face and so happy looking.

  • Aw! She is adorable!!! Welcome to the forum…it's lots of fun!

  • You ARE welcome here…she looks so sweeeeettttt...

  • You are certainly welcome, join the fun! Enjoy, great dogs, great people.

  • Welcome to the forum. There are several of us with Basenji mixes, all are welcome!!!

  • Of course you and your beautiful baby are welcome no snobbs here. And I do agree there's a B in there. Your baby is really sweet looking, enjoy. I also have a rescue and believe me they give back a thousand times more then what you give them.

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