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Re: 7 mths old red Basenji female puppy for sale in Ontario

Hi, I'm Sara-Maude Pante,15 years old and just to make it simple, it's been 15 years that I want a dog. My mom and I couldn't have one before because of my dad and the places that we lived in. But now, my parents divorced many years ago, and my mom and I are moving into a new place where dogs are allowed. So we're finally ready to have a dog. It's been a long time that we were looking for a perfect breed of dog for us and then I found Basenjis. So I read a lot about them and the more I read about them the more I love them. This dog will be my best friend, he'll be the most loved dog in the entire world, I promise.

@s-m-plante I remember how much I wanted a dog of my own at your age, I hope your parents are willing to get you one. But if things fall through, learn as much you can, volunteer with one of your local dog rescue groups (or a Veteranarian) and prepare yourself for a dog when you become an adult.

That said, it would be more appropriate for your Mother to be online looking for a dog for you. As the adult of the household, she is the one that will responsible for the dog's care, food, medical expenses, and overall well-being. Not just that, but I find it unlikely that a reputable dog breeder would agree to sell you a dog without having your parent involved in the transaction. Talk to your Mother and get her involved.

btw, you could be putting yourself in a lot of danger by announcing how young you are and suggest that you may be willing to go somewhere to meet a total stranger about a dog (or anything else)!

I know you will love your Basenji. There maybe a club or someone in your area that can advise you.
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I agree entirely with Deb - you shouldn't announce your age - and who will look after the pup while you are in school ? Mum !!! So she has to know exactly what she is getting into with a Basenji puppy before committing to one.

Hi Sara-Maude,

I agree with the other posters about mentioning your actual age, but hey, I completely get your whole story. I wasn't allowed to have a dog when I was growing up (I'm now almost at retirement age) because my mom had been bitten by a dog when she was young. Long story short, after my mother died when I was in my 30's, I finally felt I could get a dog and I'm very glad I did!

Until I got my own dog, I 'd always be happy to pet my neighbors' dogs and play with them and whenever I would see someone walking a dog, I would ask if I could pet the dog. I liked another poster's suggestion that volunteering at a dog rescue, if that had been something I had known about when I was a teenager, I would've taken advantage of that opportunity.

My wife had a basenji mix when she was growing up. I saw my first basenji at a dog show where we talked to several basenji breeders about the breed and read all I could afterwards. I would recommend that you and your mother do what I did, see the breed in person.

People on this forum often criticized for being overly judgmental about inquiries from people about getting a first basenji, please know that everyone wants to make sure that it's the best match, for the person AND the dog.

Best of luck!

First, find a Basenji group near where you live. Ask around or ask you vet where there is one.


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