SPD (sudden pillow death)

When you have no clue what prompts an action....


No doubt your dog felt disrespected. LOL At first I didn't see that innocent face at the top of the pic.

If you look very closely, there seems to be an eye witness. I suggest you question him/her very carefully. Do not fall for the phony excuse of “ I saw a burglar in here and he was carrying away your favorite pillow. I tried to grab it out of his hands and we had a terrible scuffle. He was strong and huge but I hung on, endangering my life to secure your property. I snatched and yanked and pulled and finally he released the pillow. Honest Mom that is what happened. “. These eye witnesses’ are not altogether truthful or honest. Same thing happened at our house and it is the same old story. The mystery remains unsolved.

😂 Lol! And he looks so innocent!!!! 😆 😝 😂

@elbrant It’s obvious you just don’t understand art. All that work and artistic talent, yet just no appreciation!

Thanks for the great responses! @joan-duszka, incredible imagination!

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