How to stop my Basenji scratching her stitches

  • My six year old Basenji has had a lump removed from her neck today, it was just below where her collar sits. There are four stitches, and I am wondering how we can stop her from scratching these in the days ahead. The vet nurse suggested putting socks on her back paws, but I'm not optimistic this will work. Suggestions gratefully received. Thank you.

  • socks... lol, they would be off (or shredded) the first time you turned your back. What about winter booties? Or half a Tramadol (to keep her calm) for a day or two?

  • Thank you, have tried the socks already, they lasted about thirty seconds. Am thinking maybe scarf?

  • This is going to be hard to decribe but worked for us. A very large stretchy sock. Slide it over her head and mark where her legs would go. Cut ,Just slits will do. Poke her legs through . Roll it back to a collar, fold it back to make a collar. Cut it off at about the third nipple and if you can make sense of what i just said you should be good to go. Needless to say, it is a 24/7 job. You could also use a light weight sweater sleeve to do the same job.

  • How about a neck tube?
    Maybe cut the foot off a tight-ish tube sock and put that over her neck.

  • Panty hose. Tights in some countries. Very versatile, cut into appropriate pieces you use either the legs or the body or a combination. Its amazing what you can contrive as a body stocking to cover that part of the Basenji which needs protecting.

  • I saw someone do something similar with an old beanie (hat). They cut leg and head holes... it ikind of resembled a doggie sweater, but modifications could be made... Naturally, keeping her from scratching the area (covered or not) is still an "issue". Take pics for us!! 😉

  • I kept my basenji girl from scratching at her stitches by dressing her in a very small child's T-shirt. It worked well. Sometimes covering up a wound is all that's needed. Unfortunately, sometimes not.
    Naomi had a little T-shirt that boasted the lettering "Dirt is my favorite color." It was not of course; she was a very tidy girl.

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