This is Heidi from Istanbul :)

Heidi is beautiful. She looks curious like why are you taking my picture. How old is Heidi?

What a cute little doll! Very pretty.

Heidi is growing up to be SO beautiful, Caner. Hope this finds you and your family well and happy. Your friend, Nancy

@nancyss Nancyyy 🙂 thank you very much! We miss you!

@caner This is off-topic, but I'm soooo curious! Heidi seems to be inside a dogrun (of sorts), just beyond the fence you can see a walking path which looks like it is lined on both sides with concrete rocks(?). What exactly are those and why are they there? I've never seen anything like that... please educate me. (thanks)

@elbrant for sure 🙂 this way goes to company entry, therefore some times this way open for car crossing. The rocks for seperate the pedestrian way from the car way. For keep clear pedestiral way from car parking. And also they are take a kids' attention for not cross suddenly to car way. Those are just for safety. 🙂

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