World Equestrian Competition

Wow. This horse dances better and has more rhythm than my husband
{You'll note there's no "LOL" or smiley after that because I am dead serious.
Ever see "the jerk"? yeah . . . }

They are quite amazing aren't they? You would be surprised how many Basenji Breeders came from a horse background…. and how much we think these guys are like horses.. in looks and movement...

That was beautiful. I had horses growing up and I couldn't train them to do anything. We just rode them.

Unbelievable. I too, have a horse background. They never cease to amaze me. I had watched Anky's a while back, but that one is just stellar. Thanks for sharing that one, in particular.

That was spectacular-a lot of work went into that and he should be absolutely ecstatic. I too come from a horse background.

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