Basenji Corgi Mix? Help!

I have no doubt about the Basenji part. Corgi? Maybe, but anyhow something shorter and longer. If I only saw her face, I would say purebred Basenji!

Pics very like originals. I personally see almost no corgi or esp chi.

Bad indiscriminate byb breeder,
Praise for the lucky dog and adopter for finding her a loving home

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@debradownsouth well it wasn’t a breeder luckily, it was just a shelter. If no basenji, what do you think she’d be?

I don't think Debra is saying no Basenji, I think she is implying a bad breeder creating off type. Correct me if I'm wrong, Debra. And many dogs end up in shelters for various reasons, even some that have been purchased for big bucks.

Most legitimate breeders want to take their unwanted dogs back, but some people dispose of them in other ways. A breeder I know had to make an emergency trip to Florida when she found out one of her dogs was being offered to whoever would take him, and if no takers he was to be euthanized! She picked him up and found him a good home, but it was a near thing.

Thanks confusing post. kindle is killing me. Hope the edit it more clear.

I said that I could not see corgi or Chihuahua . I most definitely see Basenji . Beyond that only a DNA test will give any idea . A breeder that breeds mixed breeds and untested and poorly bred purebreds is not a responsible breeder . Yes a breeder could be wanting their dog back as eeee mentioned, but then in today's world most puppies are leaving the breeder already microchip.

@debradownsouth oh!!! Yes the more we get to know her, the more I’m leaning towards basenji being correct. She’s an obsessive licker of both us and herself, and contorts her body around to lick her entire back. And oh my she can jump... it’s almost like she levitates and it takes no effort. We’re going to DNA test her in a couple of weeks, possible with Embark. I’ve heard it’s better than the wisdom panel.

I will be very interested to know the results of that test. Oh, yes, they can jump! When we moved to our present location my Perry did a three foot hop from a standstill on a slippery hardwood floor right over the back of the sofa, rather than walk around to the front of it. He did not touch down on the sofa back, but cleared it cleanly. And without apparent effort.

Definitely see BASENJI in these Pics! Her face looks like my purebred Basenji - Kembe! She is a cutie!

She's a cutie! Sounds like she'll make a wonderful companion no matter the pedigree. And I second the jumping ability-- once they realize how high they can leap, nothing is safe!

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