• Does anyone elses B love underwear? Kili loves panties and bras and it is driving my fiance crazy. She goes into the hamper and pulls them out and chews them til they can't be worn (unless we catch her as soon as we see her - give her 5 minutes and they're ruined). I think that there is a stash of them under the bed too. 🙂

    She has tons of toys and gets loads of attention, but for some reason there is just nothing like that silky nylon in her mouth. 😃

    ~Kili's Dad

  • yes my B is guilty of this as well. I can't tell you how many under garments I've had to throw away.

  • Yup that is a Basenji…. ....

  • It takes her five minutes to ruin them? Then you've got time to rescue them! 😃

  • Underwear and socks. Socks get flipped around like prey. Underwear, well that gets shreded.

  • I've never met a B that underwear was safe. Mine even can open the dresser drawer to gain access to them. Of course, shoes, purses, socks, are all on her hit list. She has tons of toys, but still is awful about all the No No's. TV remotes, and eyeglasses are other targets. Most everything in my home is eyelevel or above. If nothing is left below that level, she attacks the trash baskets. Good thing they are so loveable.

  • yup…lost many pairs of boxers. That's were the 15 second rule comes in;)

  • I always tell my husband to take my undies away if he sees our B with them except he forgets to check for damage and I've already put two pairs on that were pretty much ripped to nothing. Funny how I'm just standing there and Champ looks at me, like what I don't know how that happened. Have to laugh.

  • My first Basenji (75-92), a tri color never touched or chewed anything. You could leave anything around and it never would touch it. Underwear, pencils, paper, etc. A really good dog! But just never leave the table with your morning toast too close to the edge. (-:

  • When we got Duke, I learned my lesson to get tall hampers and to pick everything up off the floor and put things away where they belong. When we forget . . . say goodby to chewed up item(s); roll up a newspaper and smack self in head for forgetting. 😃

  • Same here. Yet I have a hubby who isn't always so vigilant (and me too, sometimes) I might try the newspaper on us. My first defense–our fault--she is just doing what comes natural. LOL

  • omg i was just going to post about this… i have a tall hamper WITH a cover, and I always know that if Tayda and Lenny are not downstairs with me and all is quiet, that I have to rush upstairs to see what they've gotten into. I went upstairs yesterday and found a bra on the floor, untouched. I knew they put it there, cause it was in the hamper. I was suprised. Then I looked in the crate and there were 3 pairs of underwear in there! You basically couldn't tell they were underwear anymore! They were keeping a stash in there! Those little rascals.

  • Thank God they choose the panties. Cheaper to replace than the bra's. LOL I have the rattan (tall) hamper, and the lid doesn't fit tightly, so that has been a target since the early days. Nothing–Nowhere--seems to be safe if they get a yen for them.

  • When we dry laundry, Peanut will climb in the clothes dryer whenever we open it.:eek: He hops up on the door, walks right in, does a couple of those B-fluffin spins and lays right down in the warm clothes.:D The only way he comes out is if you lift him out.:p Guess he can't hear real well in there.:o I honestly believe he thinks he's a "clothes dryer astronaut" and we all know how hard they are to find nowadays…...:rolleyes:

  • My OJ does that too…. and Mickii.... gggg

  • Sahara has ruined many pairs of underwear, mine mostly. She also loves to get my bras, anything that she can reach with her long legs is fair game for her. I have scratches on my glasses and so does my hubby, and he just got his like a month ago, $800 mine you. I have lost soooooooo many things, some I treasured and can't duplicate. I have everything I can up high so she can't get to it. The other day my back yard looked like someone had rolled it in toilet paper. Sahara got a new roll and went through the doggie door and ran all around with that darn toilet paper. It is all a cat and mouse game with her, if she thinks I will chase her for it, she will try to get it, no matter what it is. Sure is lucky for her that we love her so much, She is real character. All you can do in these circumstances is laugh, I do alot of that these days.

  • Goober will take the clothes out of the hamper and suitcases. He doesn't chew them but he will carry them around the house so he can smell us when we are not there. He hates socks more than squirrels tho.

  • Boy am I glad I keep my bathroom door shut and they can't get the dirty clothes.

  • The more expensive the underwear the better mine seems to like it.

  • I guess we just all have "normal" B's. I have a friend who asks me if I take Valuim to survive…..(The answer is NO.)

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