• Cinnamon honey graham crackers

    After 5 basenjis now with number 6, question came up about cinnamon. Our have always been crazy about cinnamon honey graham crackers. You would think they were sirloin steak. The other day we found an article that said no cinnamon. Of course their intake was very minimal, but better safe than sorry. New guy also thinks they are very tasty treats. Any thoughts

  • WHY no cinnamon?

  • Petmd says cinnamon is safe.

    Nutmeg is not.

  • “Cinnamon isn't toxic for dogs, but nutmeg can be if consumed in large amounts,” says Dr. Ashley Hughes, DVM, at Friendship Hospital for Animals in Washington, DC. In excessive amounts, nutmeg causes hallucinations and high heart rate in dogs.

  • Dogs of all Breeds will not eat something that is toxic to them. My little girl never ate Raisins or Milk Chocolate. She did enjoy the random York Peppermint Pattie because DARK Chocolate does not make the Heart race.

    My Girl loved Graham Crackers with Cinnamon and Honey but there were other treats she preferred. She loved Raw Carrots that I bought for the Horses and she also loved Broccoli!

    They know what not to eat so the Cinnamon is ok.


  • Dogs of all breeds and mixes will most certainly eat things that are toxic to them. I am not sure what universe someone is from that doesn't know this, but just in case anyone here believes this dangerous nonsense, please don't assume your dog knows what is poison or not. Over 100,000 dogs are poisoned each year from everything from yard chemicals, flea/tick treatments, to-- yes-- thing they eat.

    Dog eat toxic food every day, and die often. Chocolate, raisins, rat poison, even freaking old fashion car antifreeze, avocados, cigarettes, caffeine, owners medicine left out, artificially sweetened candies (xylitol).

    As for milk or dark chocolate, neither is safe, but please read and don't accept misinformation there either.

    ""Cocoa, cooking chocolate and dark chocolate contain the highest levels, while milk chocolate and white chocolate have the lowest. ... The high level of theobromine in dark chocolate means it takes only a very small amount to poison a dog. Less than an ounce of dark chocolate may be enough to poison a 44-pound dog.""

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