• Hi Everyone - Meet Mr Biggles

    Our guy will be 6 years old on the 28th June this year. There has never been a dull moment since adding this guy to our family. He is Basenji through and through, never any doubt about this guy. From the mad spin runs around the lounge, to never walking in a straight line when on the lead to the most beautiful greeting yodel and the most horrific squeal when left alone...he is the complete package. I researched the breed prior to purchase so had a good idea what I was in for, and got a little more than what I expected, but he is the most beautiful funny guy to have. I have wanted to show a picture for a while so am hoping this works.


  • Great picture. Love his face and expression!

  • He is so cute! I love his name - it suits him!

  • Good looking doggie. I have learned that Basenji antics are unique to them. In the beginning I use to wonder do all of them act this way?

  • That is the most perfect tail curl I have seen! He's a handsome boy! Always glad when someone says they researched the breed prior to welcoming into their home! As we all know, they can be/are a handful and I would not own any other breed! 😍

  • LOVE his cinnamon bun!! He is too cute for his own good, or maybe it allows him to get away with just enough...They really ought to put in the literature that owners must have great sense of humor, you're gonna need it!!

  • Hello handsome

  • Such a cutie!!!!

  • Hello to everyone...Thank you for your great comments about Mr Biggles, we also think he is very special. We live in South Australia, and it is very interesting to see all the beautiful dogs being shown off in this forum. Mr Biggles was aptly named due to being a biglet as a pup. If anything that belonged to us was in his reach it was certainly not worth while worrying about after he had finished with it..only pieces left, if he didn't want them, we learnt very quickly to ensure everything precious to us, other than him😂 was well out of his reach.
    He certainly was a handful the first couple of years, I always refer to that time as like having a set of twin 2year olds, on red cordial. I found that being very very constant with him worked well. He is a very structured guy, and has been very easy to train once we got through to the end of the tunnel 😌. You certainly do need a sense of humour, would not own any other breed, the antics our guy gets up to continues to be entertaining...he certainly gives us a great deal of happiness. I hope everyone enjoys their Basenji as much as we do.😘

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