• Hi, I’m new here. Looking to buy a puppy. Wondering if anyone has bought puppies from Valeri Krug? Want to make sure she is legit before I buy. Thanks

  • @em4800 I am almost certain she is not, however others will know more and post later. From what I can see the dogs do not have champion bloodlines, she does not show and there is no mention of health tests other than Fanconi negative. There should be eye tests PRA and hips OFA at a minimum from a good breeder.

    There are other threads about this breeder, personally I would not buy from them. They are probably a backyard breeder from the look of it, so not as bad as a puppy mill. However the health tests are importaint, once you have bonded with the dog and the dog ages, the missing health tests can run into tens of thousands of dollars and much anguish.


  • The link that Dagodingo posted to comments about this person is pretty telling that she is a BYB. Notice my comment about price... color should make no difference in price of a pup.

  • I have just one of hers (bred in partnership) in the database. It appeared in the AKC stud book of 07/2015 - and has sired two litters that I know of. Some of the offspring are AKC registered but I'd tend to agree - byb.

  • Thank you all for responding. Not sure what I’m going to do yet. I am not looking for a show dog nor am I looking to breed. I’m just looking to add a healthy puppy to the family. If anybody knows where I can get a puppy near Illinois at a decent price please let me know. I have tried all the adopting centers nearby with no luck. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

  • A loving home is just as important - to me far more important - than a show home but you hit it when you said 'healthy puppy' - you do want all the relevant health checks to have been undertaken and also to see any reports on parents. Good luck !

  • @em4800 said in Valeri Krug Wisconsin:

    I am not looking for a show dog nor am I looking to breed. I’m just looking to add a healthy puppy to the family. If anybody knows where I can get a puppy near Illinois at a decent price please let me know.

    The same litter produces both show and pet puppies. The upfront cost on a healthy puppy may save you thousands on those that aren't well bred. Also, paying a byb even if you luck out and don't get unhealthy, you just helped the person keep doing it.

    Right now is the end of most of this season's pups... they are either all born and placed or born and have a list of potential homes. Your best bet is to contact all the area breeders and let them know you are interested if they have a home fall through or a puppy brought back... and that if none of that happens, please put you on next year's list.

    Not many basenji puppies hit rescue these days. If you are interested in an older or mixed, you might have more luck.

  • @em4800 I wouldn’t worry about the price,that should not be a concern. The $500 or so that you save at the start is nothing compared to the vet fees if you have a sick dog. There are no guarantees in life but choosing well helps a lot. Also don’t discount an older dog or a pup that is returned, they are in many ways much better than getting a pup, my wife didn’t like the idea of a “used” dog with my third dog, yet he has been the easiest going of the three and had the nicest personality. That’s on top of the fact he came fully house broken, past the teething and chew / destroy everything stage. He was returned to the breeder because he was aggressive lol, he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body lol.

    Trust me, after ten or twelve years as your faithful companion, when they get ill you will empty your bank account or run up your credit cards doing whatever is necessary to help them. $10,000 to $15,000 in their last five years is not unusual.

    Responsible breeders use good stock and spend a lot of money on health tests and monitoring the pregnancy, at $1000-$1500 per pup they are not making much if anything.

  • @debradownsouth “Not many basenji puppies hit rescue these days.”

    Says a lot about how passionate basenji owners are! It’s a great thing, but bitter sweet when you are looking for one.

  • Across the US, average price is between 1000.00 to 1500.00 for a well bred puppy from a responsible breeder. Note that it is very far and few that a responsible ever makes a profit. We are lucky if we break even. While breeders are breeding to always improve the breed and do show and/or do performance events. Obviously we can't keep everything so the home becomes one of the most important things when placing pups.

  • Hi, I have one of Valerie's dogs and I have been very, very happy with him. He's just a great dog ... tricolor and quite handsome... no health issues! I find some of you people so judgemental and your posts really obnoxious!

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