Chester - The purebred pupper

My sister and her boyfriend's little 8 week old puppy, Chester! I'm more involved on social media and forums than she is, and I am the designated puppysitter for them when they go out for a few hours on the weekends. The less time the little guy spends in the crate and the more time cuddling with me, the better!!

I took these photos with my Nikon camera, at the moments that he somehow calmed down enough to pose.1_1550362655428_51218479_10156054251182039_4277020487390855168_o.jpg 0_1550362655427_51075927_10156054250397039_7860763919550251008_o.jpg

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@loneranger - Very cute... care to share who the breeder is and his pedigree? Many of us are related by our Basenjis

Congratulations on being a new BASENJI AUNTIE! Chester is a CUTIE! Beautiful face! It's always best to have a family member who is familiar with the dog to Basenji- sit. Great that you are also bonding with Chester. You'll get a lot of enjoyment out of Chester!

Lovely photos of a very cute little pup. Well done!

He's so cute. I can see why you like your cuddling time! He looks mature for only eight weeks. And so handsome!

Using flash works best indoors. Try bouncing it off a wall or a reflector (you can get those cheap if you don't have one).

In a few months you might want to take him and your camera to the dog part. Might be fun for both of you.

What a little man! Make sure you introduce him to a Dremel early to keep his nails short. It is a good time to start, as his nails aren't too long at present. enjoy the cuddles and have a great time.

He looks very happy and contented ! Must like the cuddles as much as you do. What is his breeding ? (Who are Mom and Dad ?)

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