2 basenjis in Mexico

Hello guys!
I am pleased to be here. We are a small family integrated by me, my wife and two female basenjis. One red, named Zuri (13 years old next 29/12) and Maya, black (11 years old last 16/12).

They are my best company, friends, daughters... they are awesome! You know... it is a basenji thing!

Happy holidays everyone!

Your Dogs sound like they are very pretty! Keep on what you are doing because they are aging gracefully! Would love to see some photos!


Happy Holidays to all!

Hello and welcome! I am new to this forum as well.


@katzmeow Thanks! She is the light of our lives! Happy Holidays to you and your family!

@nancyss and Happy Holidays to you and yours!

I can't imagine not having pets and other animals in my life. They add so much!

Happy holidays and welcome to the forum.

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