We are looking Basenji / live in turkey Istanbul


We woul dlike to have male basenji. How can i find one of Basenji and export to Turkey/Istanbul? Do you have any idea? It is not possible to find right original one in Turkey.

Thank you for your help..

Contact :
Turkey KIF Turkish Kennel Club www.kif.org.tr

Hi Debra,

I contacted with them and just one breeder in Turkey and he does not have any puppy while couple of years. As i understood just 4 adult basenji live in Turkey and i am thinking to build Basenji Turkey Club 🙂 But first of all i must meet with my puppy 🙂 . Thank you for your replay.

::: i am thinking to build Basenji Turkey Club:::

Have you ever shown a dog? Do you study genetics and pedigrees? Just getting a dog is truly the tip of becoming a breeder. Looking at countries around you, even as far as Greece, few breeders. You need a mentor, you need access to dog shows where you can get enough points to title. Otherwise, you'll simply be breeding pets. Since good responsible breeds put restriction on breeding -- dependent on passing certain health tests and competing in conformation show, etc. it's not likely you will get a dog you can breed of high quality.

hi! Ukraine and Poland is close to you. They have a lot good dogs.. If it is still actual, can you be more specific in the choice - male or female, color.. and I will be able to find for you a couple breeders

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