• Has anyone had the basenji throw up a white foamy liquid? Moko has done this on 2 different occasions days apart this week. Both times were in the afternoon, he had eaten breakfast 3/4 cup dry Fromms mixed w/a couple to tbs. of Fromms wet. It’s not the yellow stomach bile from not eating. He seems fine afterwards, playful and willing to run when I take him outside. He’s 17 months old and hasn’t done this until this week. Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated, thx.

  • Could be indigestion and tummy is trying to get rid if something.
    Dies he have access to grass?
    Is there coughing?
    If so it could be kennel cough.

  • @2baroos
    He does have access to grass, no cough though. The vomiting happened days apart.

  • Sometimes bile isn't yellow, but generally it is. White foam can be a lot of things. Try giving an acid reducer like famotidine (10 mg max) for a week and see if that stop it. Here's a list of other causes


  • Both my basenjis did this regularly.

    The basenji I have now is 2.5 years old but did it since we had him at 5 months old.

    Usually he eats grass first, then throws up. Sometimes he just throws up without the grass eating.

  • Not sure of your weather, but could it just be foam from heat that he's coughing up? It's usually more stringy than bile but not necessarily foamy. Should be noticeable around his mouth.

  • @mikero Your Basenji is gorgeous! If he eats grass he has an upset stomach. If this continues I would take him to the Vet.

  • If it happened only twice and never again, don’t be alarmed. Maybe he ate something that upset his tummy (beside his meals).
    Does he has a reflux and swallows his saliva often?
    If not, monitor his behaviour, divide his meals in small portions and give them more often...

    Oh, and add water to his meals, specially If he eats dry food because they are known as poor drinkers.

  • All my basenjis did this, sometimes with chewed up grass included, sometimes just the foam. If that's all they did, I watched for worse things, and they never happened.

  • Years of research, even experts don't agree if grass makes them throw up or if they eat grass to throw up because they feel sick or if they like the taste of grass but it makes some of them throw up. If grass were in any way involved, you'd probably see grass, not just white foam.

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