• Hello. We just adopted this pretty little girl and named her Sophie. The shelter said she is a basenji mix but i don't know a lot about the breed. She is very lovey, loves laps, and crosses her front legs when she lays down which i have read are basenji behaviors. Any help with identification would he appreciated. https://photos.app.goo.gl/k7QjRyaN9quL9ABf7

  • Picture of Sophie from the shelter


  • @cburns2212 - Pretty girl, would not say any Basenji... not sure where you are reading about Basenji behaviors, but many dogs cross their front legs, not really just a Basenji trait. I have had/bred Basenjis since 1990 and I have not found that they are really lap dogs, only when it suits them....

  • In my opinion, Sophie isn't a Basenji. She looks delightful and seems to be settled with you, I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun with her. It's always nice to know what breed you've adopted but I don't believe that it'll have any bearing on how you feel about her. I agree with Pat that although there are always exceptions Basenjis aren't especially lap dogs.

  • My 3/4 Basenji Izzy-Bella is a TOTAL all-out lap dog, bar none. My lap has never, in 8 1/2 years, EVER been my own. It belongs to Izzy, who also claims the space between my legs, UNDER the bed covers, every single night. And based on my years of communication with a Basenji owners website, these are both totally Basenji behaviors. Think about the origin of these dogs: living outdoors in the Congo among a "clan/pack" of hunting dogs. They sleep together in a cluster, much like puppies, kittens, mice, gerbils, and other small animals. Your single Basenji claims it's people as its clan/pack, hence the sleeping and lap- claiming behaviors. It is most certainly a Basenji "thing."

  • You need to give more descriptive information like age, height, weight, any white on her feet, etc. for people to try to make a better guess. Looking at the photos I would say not Basenji. She looks more like a shepherd mix, especially with the thick tail.

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