Craigslist pup

This basenji is being rehomed on Craigslist. Poor little guy. I had tried to reach out but he was looking for someone living close to philly so he can see the home it would be living in.

If this dog came from a breeder in GA, it was most likely from Harmony Hounds. She is well known for never taking back dogs that she bred and sold. And for prices that are way out of line (extremely high prices) compared to responsible breeders. Iffy pedigrees that they are purebreds or their parentage. She is charging 1800.00 with a 500.00 Non-refundable deposit.

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While it's encouraging he cares enough to want to see the home, I hope rescue reaches out and finds out at least who the breeder is.

There is another Basenji on CL who is also from a GA breeder: The owner is asking $400, sez he paid $800. BRAT knows about both dogs, but they won't pay a large fee.

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