zaBasenji pitbul cross??
Basenji Mix

Thank you all for your kind appraisals. I looked up the cost of this test and I am cringing. $200 is way more than we can afford for a long while from now 😦

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Basenji Mix

I finally got a side profile of her face. She is so alert I have to have someone grab her attention just to get this.


She is a bit scrunched up but there it is.


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When she is wet, does she have a doggy odor, or smell like a wet wool blanket?

Every basenji I've met, (and smelled) did not have a doggy odor.

Basenji Mix

She does have a smell when she has been sweating. When I wash her she doesn't. I know true basenjis don't smell, that is why I figure she is mixed.
She really hates to get wet. After every bath she spends 5 minutes frantically rolling and scotting face first up and down the hall. As if I doused her in acid.
I know she is part of the sight hound family being her prey instinct is so strong she has flipped my son over her chasing a ball at a dead run, and my husband!
When she is locked on she can't stop until it is caught. It is why I don't leave her alone with the cats. She has never tried to 'hurt' them, but that chase instinct still causes her to go after them in play. I stop her every time.
The little one has taken a 180 lb man down from the knee just because he accidentally stepped in her path when she was locked on a toy at a run.
For a little thing she deceptively packs a lot of power! I have seen her cover 9 yards in 3 seconds flat and she can spring about 4 feet from the ground when she really wants that toy.

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Whatever she is, she's a lovely girl and extremely lucky to have landed up with you. Why worry what she is, just love her to pieces !

I would think the majority of her is Basenji and that anything else is extremely dilute. I've always understand that mixes will bark. Does she clean herself, cat-like ?

Doggy odour is absent in Basenjis, even when they have been out and become soaked. I have had a conga-line of 8 in the kitchen, each cleaning the dog in front.

Basenji Mix

Yeah she does, and perches everywhere. She is a big lover and commands our attention. It is funny how smart she is. It did not take her long to understand what certain clothes i put on meant.
I was dressed for work and scooping the cat box when I heard this whiny yawn. I look over and find Isa standing in the entryway staring at me expectantly. She did it twice more as I finished up. The moment I stepped toward her she left out this huff of a sigh and trotted off to her little bedroom. We put her in the laundry room (made it nice and cozy for her) while at work or sleeping.
I pick up my keys and she will get up from sleeping on the couch and go to her bed and wait for me to tell her goodbye and close the door.
When we can afford it, we will do the dna test.

I had a girl named Emma, rescued her in Ca. from Medfly Briggade. Emma I think was part pit and Basenji, but what a sweetheart! She was 3 when I got her and 18 when she passed, just of old age. She too was brindle with all the white socks etc.,....beautiful dog!
Good for you for bringing her a new and wonderful life!
I now have only Rickie, which is now 10, rescued him at 1 yr old, get dog also, but was a handful in the beginning. YES...they are so smart!

She is beautiful and sounds like a delight. A DNA test would be fun, but I think your money is better spent on high quality kibble/treats or saved for a rainy day (i.e., emergency funds or teeth cleaning). May your smart strong-minded furbaby bring you joy for many years to come.

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but I think your money is better spent on high quality kibble/treats or saved for a rainy day

Or even getting her a playmate - Basenjis are gregarious pack animals !
(fresh beef bones from the butcher will do a better job cleaning her teeth than any veterinary dental treatment !)

Basenji Mix

I would like to get her a buddy, but right now we don't have the room. When got her we were looking for another pitbull. We love her all the same though. She is the perfect size for my son and her temperment fits us as well.
I give her beef bones to chew on. Her teeth are so clean and she loves them 😊


Sounds like you are doing everything right, Willem !

I once thought two Basenjis was enough - but then they kept on coming, and eight were no more trouble !

(Just a lot more work and an increased need to remain the Alpha !)

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