• Come meet 'doodleBug'

    This link should take you to a folder of pics. I FINALLY brought home the little girl of my dreams! She's beeauutiful! But then, I am biased! ūüôā

    She is a retired show dog (bragging rights, shameless, but please forgive me) who is a pleasant mix of a well-behaved princess and a mischievous diva. She is prone to ripping things that aren't the way she wants them, but she doesn't exhibit any seperation anxiety. The ripper comes out when you are in the room, but perhaps not paying her any mind at the moment.

    We are spoiling her with a variety of human foods and canine multi-vitamins, peanut butter frozen in her kong, and dehydrated sweet potatoe. So far, she has made it clear that she wasn't made for salad (so no more Romaine, thank you) and she'll eat a teaspoon of pure pumpkin, but a Tablespoon is really pushing it.

    I am so grateful! She's amazing!!!! NO... she's perfect (for us).

  • I don't see a link?

  • I don't see any pictures either ūüėě
    What is her registered name? No shame in bragging when you have a well bred dog ;).

  • Congratulations! That‚Äôs wonderful. I couldn‚Äôt find the link to any pictures either but I am sure she is beautiful!

  • Congratulations! My first Basenji was also a "golden opportunity" dog. I loved him to the moon! I will always be grateful to his breeder for her generosity and will always miss my dear Toby (Ch Jazzeta's Swiss Toblerone JC).

  • hmmm... let's do this the old-school way:

    My appologies; I was sure that I had figured out the image link issue. ūüėē


    OK - that took a few tries, LOL We all learn in different ways.

  • @crazysenji I"m not sure if I'm doing this right, so please bear with me. It's my understanding that she's earned all of her points, so:

    Ch.(?) Undercover Yankee Spitfire (AT AB?)
    Sire: CH Escapade's High Five
    Dam: GCHS DC Undercover Meisterhaus Hi Ho Quianna by Signet SC

    Cool! I see Meisterhaus in your dog(s) lineage as well. ūüôā

  • @elbrant - Her correct title is GCH AM CH - Which is Grand Champion, American Champion! Congrats. And yes it is "at AB". AB is Adventure Land Basenjis. This is the same breeder as my Franie (GCH DC AB-Tanza Life In The Fast Lane,SC,CA)

  • All of my dogs are Meisterhaus. Not in their lines, they ARE Meisterhaus ;).

    Your girl has a very nice pedigree! Very pretty head.

  • @tanza So, I should list her as "GCH AM CH Undercover Yankee Spitfire at AB"? Still Alphabet Soup to me! Thank you!

    @crazysenji Thank you, and a question... do you mean Meisterhaus kennel?

  • Yes my dogs came from Meisterhaus kennel. When you say ‚Äúin their lines‚ÄĚ it is less direct, like saying they have relatives from that line/kennel. I was just clarifying where mine are from. ūüôā

    My first dog had ‚ÄúUndercover‚ÄĚ in his lines but he was bred by meisterhaus.

    Also, you don‚Äôt have to say ‚ÄúAm Ch‚ÄĚ. Just GCh will do because to be a grand champion you need to first be a champion. It‚Äôs like listing it twice. The ‚ÄúAm‚ÄĚ means American. Some people like to list it all out though, it‚Äôs preference.

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