• I was getting my 10 yr old basenjis teeth cleaned today and the ALT level was 900. They said norm is about 125. Does anyone know anything about ALT levels?

  • It relates to liver enzymes. I would think your vet would want to look into it.

  • As eeeefarm said, Liver Enzymes. I would not have surgery done?

  • There are many causes for elevated ALT. With a level that high, I am really surprised your vet didn't discuss it with you. Since most causes are liver related, doing surgery ..well, if your vet put your dog under to clean its teeth after that number, you really need to get a consult with another vet or specialist.

  • Same here. After routine blood work to prep for teeth cleaning, my 7 year old male basenji has 900 level for ALT as well as high levels for ALK, Globulin, and Total Protein. We did an ultrasound as recommended by vet, which did not find anything abnormal in terms of enlarged liver or masses. Vet has suggested to start him on Denamarin, water soluble Vitamin E, and omega fatty acids. Then to test blood again in 1-2 months. Vet says to still go ahead with the teeth cleaning since liver issues can also be a result of teeth issues. Please let me know how it turned out for you!

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