• Hey everyone! So we are about to get our first Basenji in a few weeks and we are trying to best prepare. We live in a warm city in an apartment building on the 5th floor. We have a balcony and from what I have heard, that would be a place that a Basenji would love to hang out. I have put some window screening around the balcony so he can’t slip through the holes but the bars are only about 1 meter high. I’m getting mixed reviews between Basenjis being very smart but also impulsive when they see something. Should I be able to trust that he won’t intentionally jump the 5 stories down if he sees or hears something? I would really like the balcony to be a relaxing place for him and leave the door open while we are home to he can wander. Even leave a little grass patch out there for when it’s rainy or the middle of the night. Thoughts? Thanks so much!

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  • Window screening may not be sturdy enough?.... I would not trust it... I would use something stronger and especially something that he/she can't get hold of the rails to climb. And especially at ground level of the balcony... something that he/she can't get under....

  • How about putting plexiglass on the inside of the rails and tall enough so go from floor to top of rail. That way he could see out but not be able to climb on the rails.

  • I think wizard has a great idea. The dog couldn't climb plexiglass and hopefully wouldn't try to jump, although you can never guarantee anything with a Basenji. Most of mine have had a sense of depth and were leery of open stairs, etc. but I wouldn't trust that they would respect the height and not try to get off such an open balcony, especially if there was something enticing to lure them.

  • Be very careful. Our female bolts with a veracity unlike I’ve ever seen in any other dog. She rips around our large back yard with great speed. If she sees something, she’s gone. We have a PetSafe wireless fence and she’s bolted straight through it when another dog ventures into our back yard. We usually bring her inside if that happens. She chases birds and squirrels also but she won’t go near the perimete for anything but another dog. My parents keep her for us often and their large outdoor kennel is 6 feet tall. She’ climbed it. Over and out in no time flat. They’ve since put a cover on it. I’m not sure about the height though. Being up several stories may trigger a fear instinct that we’ve notdealt with. Our rear deck is veryhigh off the ground. I will see how she reacts near the top rail.

  • @sbrooks1966 said in Basenji and Balcony:

    My parents keep her for us often and their large outdoor kennel is 6 feet tall. She’ climbed it. Over and out in no time flat.

    I would guess that it's chain link, which Basenjis treat as a ladder. A six foot smooth board fence will keep most in. 🙂

  • My main concern is the height of her rail. My girl ran and jumped out of the bed of my truck without even looking to see how high it was. Terrified my son. He thought she was injured.

  • @sbrooks1966 - That is exactly why I would never use that type of fence... not only will many dogs (regardless of the breed, especially hounds or terriers) as what they do is inbred to them, you can't train it out of them. Also it will not keep other critters out of the yard. My personal opinion is they are an accident waiting to happen. Also as a breeder I would never place a pup in a home that is planning on using this

  • Update:

    For those who are curious of balconies and basenjis. Our Basenji loved his balcony and understood the height. He would peak but knew his limits. We have moved since but each house had a balcony. It is his favorite place to sit in the sun and people watch. Maybe because he was raised as a puppy he had no problems? Now we have a second floor balcony, and like most basenjis he is very impulsive when he sees us walking up or other dogs walking by. But he has never tried to jump off.

  • What about a leash and (serious) harness? Something that would limit the distance and prevent the pup from actually getting close enough to take a leap(?) I'm not talking about a harness made from straps, but one that would cradle the chest and stomach area enough to gently suspend (him) in the air -- just in case.

    Granted, you would have to take it on/off every time your dog goes onto the balcony, but it's the only thing I can think of to really make sure your dog is safe.

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