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Hey everyone! So we are about to get our first Basenji in a few weeks and we are trying to best prepare. We live in a warm city in an apartment building on the 5th floor. We have a balcony and from what I have heard, that would be a place that a Basenji would love to hang out. I have put some window screening around the balcony so he can’t slip through the holes but the bars are only about 1 meter high. I’m getting mixed reviews between Basenjis being very smart but also impulsive when they see something. Should I be able to trust that he won’t intentionally jump the 5 stories down if he sees or hears something? I would really like the balcony to be a relaxing place for him and leave the door open while we are home to he can wander. Even leave a little grass patch out there for when it’s rainy or the middle of the night. Thoughts? Thanks so much!

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