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Thanks everyone. That’s all very helpful. We had considered the Emotional support dog route. But he is still in that puppy stage of just being a little too high energy. Maybe he will start calming down soon? As of now we are planning on doing a direct flight from here to NYC. Which is just about 6 hours. I think the night flight is a good suggestion. Also it’s our only option since the direct flights all leave around midnight. He does tend to be a little anxious. But hopefully he will do fine in the cargo. We are going to try and be more intentional in the next few months with putting him in his crate. As a puppy he always went in. And he found it a safe place. But lately we don’t ever make him go in it. So it seems more optional to him right now. Thanks for the help!

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For those who are curious of balconies and basenjis. Our Basenji loved his balcony and understood the height. He would peak but knew his limits. We have moved since but each house had a balcony. It is his favorite place to sit in the sun and people watch. Maybe because he was raised as a puppy he had no problems? Now we have a second floor balcony, and like most basenjis he is very impulsive when he sees us walking up or other dogs walking by. But he has never tried to jump off.

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In May our Basenji will be 2 and a half and we are moving to the US from Colombia for 1 year. He has become very attached to us. He even screams when I walk out of the yard to go throw our trash out about 300 feet away. He does not like to be left behind. So we are concerned with him being put in a crate under the plane. I think he will he so anxious and might yell the whole flight. And worse, it’s a 6 hour flight. So we would like to bring him in the cabin. Technically he is too big. 16” long 16” tall and 23lbs. BUT I saw a few people say they have brought their basenjis in cabin no problem in a Sherpa. I looked them up and by his specs he fits in a L Sherpa. Which is not part of their pet guarantee on board. Have people used smaller size bags for their Basenjis when flying in cabin? Recommendations? We would feel sooooo much better if we could bring him on board. Thanks!

Toby, the very spoiled Basenji

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Hey everyone! So we are about to get our first Basenji in a few weeks and we are trying to best prepare. We live in a warm city in an apartment building on the 5th floor. We have a balcony and from what I have heard, that would be a place that a Basenji would love to hang out. I have put some window screening around the balcony so he can’t slip through the holes but the bars are only about 1 meter high. I’m getting mixed reviews between Basenjis being very smart but also impulsive when they see something. Should I be able to trust that he won’t intentionally jump the 5 stories down if he sees or hears something? I would really like the balcony to be a relaxing place for him and leave the door open while we are home to he can wander. Even leave a little grass patch out there for when it’s rainy or the middle of the night. Thoughts? Thanks so much!

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