This is a picture of our Achilles gate

  • Here is the gate we have to manuever over when we want to get out or into the living room


  • Doesn't look like much fun to me…

  • There is a slight space between the gate and the piece of wood and he tries to get between them. We had to put the black piece of wood on this side of the gate because he managed to either pull the gate over or push it over, depending on how it was set up. He is a resourcefull little bum, that is for sure. I do love him, as he can be loving, entertaining and very interesting to watch.

  • Oh my gosh, that doesn't look fun at all! 😞

    If it could be put in the budget, maybe something like the following might make life a little easier? Especially with your fibromyalgia (one of my friends suffers from this, too…my heart goes out to you!).

  • It would be so much easier than having to climb over the gate that we have. He will be leaving our home in about a week or so to live with my daughter and her fiance, as he is their dog.

  • We built our own gates for our home… and made them high enough that mine could not climb over and it they are slated wooden "bars" so they can't get a foot hold to climb... also remember in doing gates, if they can get a foot hold especially on the top... they are over it...

  • I was thinking maybe wraught (?) Iron, with the slats running up and down. But, since he will be leaving us soon, I will just continue with the one we have. At this point he can't get over it. Doesn't mean I don't watch him continuously though.

  • We have a gate with vertical slates too that's about 4 1/2 feet tall & the good thing is that it's pressure gate (No srews in the wall) and it has a latch that you can walk through like a normal human & still keep a climing B out 😃

  • Ours does have screws in the wall, but we made it to look like part of the house… so it works well, even if we decided to sell, we would only have to putty a couple of holes....

  • we purchased 2 4ft baby gates which are metal. They swing open and lock. Even the cat can't get over them. They cost around $60.00 each.

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