• Hello everyone! I need help, because I do not know what to do. My Besenji is very beautiful, but it confronts me and tries to bite me when it wills are contradicted. The most angry I get the most dangerus he looks... help me please

  • @stam_patrick - You need to discuss this with your Basenji's breeder

  • How old is your basenji?
    Have you had a complete medical exam, including eyes, hearing and thyroid?
    Where did you get him from?
    Have you looked for a trainer?

  • Lots more information needed here. As Debra asked, how old? How long have you had this dog? Is this a new behaviour and if so how recently has it appeared? What training have you done with this dog? IMO, it isn't unusual for a Basenji to object to doing something it doesn't want to do (or when asked to cease doing something it does want to do!), but usually this will be only a grumble and if it has escalated to biting or threatening to bite you need to deal with it, and if you aren't confident then you need help from a qualified trainer.

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