Just as I feared - Lenny attacked the puppy

  • So here we are in NY. Lenny and Tayda had met the dog downstairs (old lab) which was uneventful. Then we were out there again tonight and the owners let the new puppy out (also lab) and it was jumping up and down trying to play. Now, it was dark out, and I don't think Lenny really got a very good look at the puppy before it was up in his face trying to play. But all of a sudden, Lenny grabbed the puppy by the nape of the neck and pulled him. the puppy started whining and Lenny let go and the puppy ran away. Ugh… After the puppy ran away, Lenny didn't pursue him, and for the following 5 minutes, the puppy steered clear of Lenny and I was holding Lenny by his collar and when the puppy walked past, I let Lenny have enough slack to approach the puppy from behind and smell him. There wasn't a lot of interaction beyond this until we all went inside, but now I'm worried about Lenny and these other dogs.... any hints?

    He was doing SO well with other dogs at the dog park and such... I thought just letting him approach dogs on his own was working. But in this case, the puppy kind of caught him by surprise and I guess he didn't like it.

    Bah Humbug

  • Yeh, sounds like he just got surprised- which we all know Basenji's don't like surprises. I would keep to day time visits. Also- dogs will try to stake their claim in their pack. It would not surprise me if they got snarky with each other during this process… even if the puppy and older lab are not in the same pack as yours- they still try to establish a hierarchy.

  • Ok, I took them out again this morning and the puppy came running out. All went fine w/ puppy and Lenny. It must have been cause it was dark and he was surprised. I'm glad he didnt hold a grudge… this time.

    The puppy is really cute though... really playful. But, Lenny and Tayda definitely don't appreciate being jumped on - even if it is in play.

  • Our dogs do not tolerate unleashed wild puppies and will put them in their place, which is I believe what happened.

    He's just teaching the dog some manners and who is in charge.

    I just dont go to dog parks as I find some dogs basenji's are fine with others they are not. I have not met many basenji's who have been fine with all dogs loose after really maturing. They may be fine for several years then, out of the blue, wham you get a fight.

    Also basenji's can overwhealm other dogs with their non stop rough housing, grabbing dogs by the neck, jumping on their back pulling hair out of them etc. Other owners are usually not amused.

  • What you describe is not "attacking", it sounds like he disiplined an unruly puppy. The puppy behaved rudely and Lenny told him it was inappropriate.

  • @lvoss:

    What you describe is not "attacking", it sounds like he disiplined an unruly puppy. The puppy behaved rudely and Lenny told him it was inappropriate.

    DITTO! Ditto! Totally normal! The fact that he is fine with the puppy today, tells you that he and the puppy worked everything out.

  • I had a similar situation when my dog met a black lab juvinile, not an adult, but not a small puppy.

    The loose black lab just runs up to our male, while on a walk, the lab was a female, she was just playful but he went nasty on her, trying to put the dog in its place, the dog then ran home (my dog on a leash)

    The next time we go by the lab (in an invisable fence), without hestitation breaks through the invisible fence, gets shocked and keeps coming after my dog, but in attack mode. My dog stand his ground and they mix it up a bit till the owner comes running out to restrain the lab.

  • I don't know how old Lenny is, but some b's go blind and the owners don't even know it.
    My old dear girl did…and the only way I realized it was that she couldn't make it outside without hitting the walls when we had the night lights on only...
    If its a young dog, then this is probably not an issue.

  • Dash does not tolerate any dog running up to him. I don't think Lenny did anything wrong really. The other dogs owners need to control their puppy.

  • Well its been a few days of living here and I think you guys are right. The puppy is very high energy and always wanting to play. Mostly Tayda and Lenny ignore him, but every so often, they put him in his place and he backs off for a while. Tayda just growls, but Lenny will actually nip at the nape of his neck. It was only the first time that Lenny bit him in the neck and dragged him across the deck and I'm attributing that to him being surprised. Ever since then it has been slight nipping and sometimes Lenny will chase after him, back him into a corner, stand there upright, and then turn around and walk away. Its actually kind of funny to watch now. Just wait to see what happens in a month when the puppy is 4 times his size.

  • Shadow will still put the Boxenji in her place. Shadow weighs about 22-24 lbs, Zina weighs about 60. But, then again Zina thinks she a Basenji-Yours will probably think it's a basenji also. Even though I have an older heeler-she associates herself with the Basenji's.

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