• Hi! I'm new to the forum. I have a soon to be 13 year old Basenji named Lady. I was hoping to acquire a Basenji puppy with the same bloodline as Lady, therefore am looking for her breeder. The breeder is Martha J Reed or "Mar J". Lady's Sire is Mar J's African Prince and her Dam is Mar J's Nifty Isa. Can anyone help me in locating this breeder?

    Thank you!!

  • I just read that Martha passed away in 2014.

  • I am glad you have and love your dog, but Mar J was a puppymill that shut down with hundreds of "stock" sold off at auction. Please, if you want another dog... go to a responsible breeder or try Pam Hamilton with Camp Basenji for a rescue.

    For the rest.. read about the conditions of those poor animals (scroll down to the bottom section) and the attempts to save some of them from being sold to people who would mostly just do the same with:

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