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Thank you both for your input as I would not have known. I will definitely try calling. I have just sent you an email, sinbaje.

I guess I would also be willing to go as far as Washington/Oregon, but I'd prefer neighboring states just to keep the drive time down.

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I have been scouring this forum for a while now trying to find a reputable breeder on the west coast, so I decided to make an account to hopefully get some actual help.

My old brindle Basenji girl passed in 2014 due to old age, and my heart is ready for a new pup. But I have been having the hardest time finding a breeder. I originally got my Basenji in Northern California at about 7 mos old from a family friend who could no longer keep her due to her new apartment's rules, so I never had to find a breeder before and prefer to raise them from a pup, myself.

I actually just returned from a week long trip in Colorado where I was also hoping to pay a visit to SkyHi Basenjis - but they didn't respond to any of my emails. As of right now, I have contacted several breeders in California and Arizona and only a couple from California have responded.

I am now living in Las Vegas but am more than willing to make a trip to Southern California or Arizona for a reputable breeder as I prefer to meet them in real life. But if I must, I am also willing to make the trip to Northern California. I have even found someone in Arkansas but I wanted to ask on this forum if anyone can personally recommend (for or against) breeders here on the West coast?

The ones I have emailed so far are: Tanza, Basenji Sisters, Mountain Springs Ranch (, Shika, Naharin, Arubmec, Brushy Run, and as mentioned SkyHi. The one I am considering in Arkansas is All Star Basenjis.

Thank you so much in advance.

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