Senior basenji diet supplements to gain weight

  • Chance is 11 and Kiya is 10 and both have been thinning out lately. I understand that comes with age. We started giving them more food in the middle of the day, as they seemed to be always hungry from the morning and night feeding.

    Are there any other good foods or supplements that are good to give to senior basenjis to fatten them up a bit. Their appetite is not an issue, if they could, they would be eating all day long until their stomach explodes.

  • Alex, sometimes it's a matter of not digesting... could be age, worms or teeth issues (though teeth usually more an equine than canine problem as dog don't really chew much). If you know worms aren't a problem, and not other problems such as cancer or thyroid, then I'd work on the digestion side. Probiotics, plus easier to digest foods. As I posted before, I do use Fastrack. There are foods that are made to digest easier, but you can also simply smash and soak to help also.

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