• Does anyone give their senior B's a vitamin supplement and if so what kind and are they flavored? I bought some Canine Plus Senior, however, the pills are quite big and they have a "smokey" flavor which is not going over very big. Thanks for any input!

  • I used to give my older Bs a supplement. Here's what I gave them


  • Houston

    I don't have any elderly dogs anymore but when I did I gave them, "The Honest Kitchens" supplement, called "Invigor", it is more like an antioxidant, but it put the pep in their step..if you know what I mean. They also have something called "Lithe tea", which is good for elderly dogs aching joints. Their products are all natural and even tested for taste by human testers..yumm-o. My daughter thinks it all tastes pretty bad, but the dogs think otherwise and that is all that matters.

  • I just use Missing Link, and have recently switched over to the one w/ glucosamine for the oldsters. They're not that old, but they're heavy performance dogs.

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