• Anybody add supplements to their B's food? What do you add/use that works or improves their health that's noticeable?

  • I use fish oil in Sugar's food once a day. She tends to get dry skin and I find it helps. Also in Shadow,Calli and Zina's food I use glucosamine. Helps with the joints.

  • I do use 3V caps for skin and coat, but that is only because of my seniors and being on lower fat food…. I have used glucosamine at times, and it does help... with the elders and their joints. Also the 3V Caps helped with joint problems....

  • I'm giving the fish oil and the joint supplement too. The fish oil is tested for contaminets, like PCB and heavy metals. I'm now looking for a better quality multi. Nika gets itchy reaction to either the B vits or the beef liver it's made from. Also you don't know what that beef was fed or supplemented with, like antibiotics or hormones, it's then passed on to the dog.

  • I don't bother with a multi, never found it necessary….even with my elders
    (2 @ almost 16, 1 @ 14 1/2 and 1 @ 12 1/2)

  • I give my dogs Pet-Tabs, but that's it.

  • I used to give Pet Tabs, but after reading (and I was using the pet-tab plus) that there was corn syurp in them.. I quit since one of mine has corn allergies… never really saw any difference with or without it

  • I can't use the fish oil for my B since he is allergic to fish but I started using olive oil in his food (no nutitional value really) any other suggestions?

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