2 South Florida Basenji Boys for Adoption must stay in FL and Together

  • HI Everyone
    I have had basenjis for 15 years...I love them. My two boys, ages 2 and 4 are red and whites from two different, well-respected breeders. I want them to stay together so am looking for adoption options myself...they have never lived in cold weather so I want them to stay in Florida; preferably South Florida.
    There are some personal/family issues that have lead me to consider this option which is heartbreaking for me. These basenji boys have always had excellent care, treatment, and love in an "upscale" household. I say that only to indicate that they have been treated as family members, etc.......they require a lot of love and exercise and are affectionate and awesome. I can tell you more if you know of a household without small children where there is space to run and a dog park nearby..IF anyone knows of someone looking who is strong and will live long enough to give my guys a forever home, please get in contact with me and I will provide specific telephone number/..my email address is judithdirect@gmail.com. for serious inquiries..I have never posted anything so I hope it is OK to include my email address.

  • Judith, please go to CampBasenji.org, the Florida basenji rescue, and contact Pam Hamilton. She may be able to help you or at least give you ideas.

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    Judith - Please post some pictures. I run a facebook site of Florida Basenji owners and I know someone who has 1 Basenji and would love taking on 2 more. She has 4 acres of fenced land. thank you

  • @katoman Can you provide the site link for me and contact information for the people you have in mind..or would you like to call me??

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    Great talking with you today, Judy. I looked for the pictures, but please do send them to my phone and I will post them on our site. As I said, if Judy is interested, she is wonderful and has 4 acres of fenced in land to play on, and its heaven on earth for a Basenji, let alone 2 of them....

  • Judith, you can also contact Basenji Rescue and Transport at basenjirescue.org. I am in S Fl and volunteer with them, we are at our pet limit personally. Best of luck to you.

  • @judithdirect I agree with Debra...get ahold of Camp Basenji.. she will make sure that a home found for any Basenji is a good home & if they need to stay together.. she'll make sure they get a good home together & in FL. The sooner you contact her, the sooner you'll know what you need to know & can get things taken care of!

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    This post is deleted!

  • You are mistaken. Both Brat and CampBasenji can work to find a home together! Especially true if the owners can continue to keep while they look. OFTEN owners want 2 and a pair that already gets along makes it easier. They are also professional, able to evaluate, and responsible.

  • @judithdirect Just a few months back, BRAT had 2 Basenjis & it was posted that they had grown up together & would only be adopted together, not separated! They weren't on the site for long either before they were adopted. So YES ~ BRAT & Camp Basenji do make sure they're adopted together if that's what the owner wants!

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    If you read the fine print before you give out bad advice you would gain some credibility, 1st the owner has talked to Brat and there is no guarantee, yes they will attempt to adopt them together, but there is no guarantee, and she doesn't want to do that, quit trying to put your desire and will on to others who don't appreciate it and ask for it.

  • If the owner can keep until one home found, of course they can guarantee. And Camp Basenji may be able to take and hold til one home. Please don't presume to know about responsible rescues and what they can do. Sometimes it is not possible to place together unless the owner can keep until a home found. But if they have to be placed, better in two GOOD homes than one bad one. I trust BRAT and CampBasenji to actually find good homes.

  • @katoman I did not say the word "guarantee" & I'm not trying to, as you say, "put your desire and will on to others who don't appreciate it and ask for it." The woman came into this forum asking for suggestions which is what was given!

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