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@katoman Can you provide the site link for me and contact information for the people you have in mind..or would you like to call me??

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HI Everyone
I have had basenjis for 15 years...I love them. My two boys, ages 2 and 4 are red and whites from two different, well-respected breeders. I want them to stay together so am looking for adoption options myself...they have never lived in cold weather so I want them to stay in Florida; preferably South Florida.
There are some personal/family issues that have lead me to consider this option which is heartbreaking for me. These basenji boys have always had excellent care, treatment, and love in an "upscale" household. I say that only to indicate that they have been treated as family members, etc.......they require a lot of love and exercise and are affectionate and awesome. I can tell you more if you know of a household without small children where there is space to run and a dog park nearby..IF anyone knows of someone looking who is strong and will live long enough to give my guys a forever home, please get in contact with me and I will provide specific telephone number/ email address is for serious inquiries..I have never posted anything so I hope it is OK to include my email address.

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