• @katoman... You posted... "everyday I have to remind myself, Trump was elected by uneducated people in America and then I deal with this..." you keep posting little tid-bits of things Trump says soooo.... if Trump was elected by uneducated people, then "why" do you keep tossing his name on this forum page?? This has nothing to do with Trump other than you posting things he's said. Are you so un-educated that you follow all the stupid things he says?? I do remember Trump saying in the early days of the running, "The elections are all fixed, everyone knows that" but then, he was falling pretty far behind in the running. Then when all the other people running ~ dropped out, Trump was still very far behind. Then all of a sudden, right at the end, I guess the election got "fixed" as he put it & he "won" the election. Perhaps to "fix" an election, you need a lot of money & Trump has plenty of that. Maybe you need to stop reminding yourself everyday about Trump. You know, if you take the "T" off of Trump, you're left with a "rump" & I'm pretty sure people know what a rump is. Stick to the subject please.

  • @katoman P.S. I worked with what you refer to as "crazy" people for 18 yrs. ~ I know a mentally ill person when I see one & when I hear one & when I see posts like this one. Perhaps it's your mental state that has some M.I. going on!

  • Banned

    now she's an expert on mentally disabled....., well maybe she is, since she is also unstable..

  • Last time I looked this was supposed to be a forum dedicated to discussing Basenjis, not a place to attack others with different opinions. Since today marks the start of a new year, perhaps folks would like to turn over a new leaf and stick to discussing issues, rather than getting hung up in an endless game of "lastworditis". Or perhaps all of us have too much time on our hands? Better to ignore trolls than feed them.....

    Maybe a little humour to lighten things up?

  • Shirley, hard to ignore trolls who make personal attacks. Doing so just escalates this person's attacks. Hopefully the owner will sign on, wipe this stuff out and put an end to it.

  • @eeeefarm Hi eeeefarm! Haven't told you that it's nice to see your back! And yes! I agree with you, new year, new opinions...on the Basenjis! And as you already know, it doesn't matter if we're talking about b's feet or their wonderful wrinkles, all 3 of us are getting thumbs down clicks. Nice to see you back as you always have some good advice!

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