• Our little 14 month old girl has been a pure gem for the time we have had her.

    From her morning stretches and yawns to her late night snuggle they seem to outweigh all her 'badness' that we all know they can get into.

    The only issue that we have with her is her need to pee whenever we aren't paying attention to her. Even if we answer the front door for just a second, she will squat and leave her mark.

    For the most part she doesn't have any accidents and we give her plenty of exercise and she has alot of access to the backyard.

    Has anyone else experienced this? How should we deal with it?

  • Welcome to the group! I'm no expert and I haven't had this problem. I think I'd first have her checked out to make sure there wasn't something wrong - like a bladder infection. Is your yard fenced so that you can immediately put her outside as soon as she has the accident or as soon as you see her start to squat? Maybe someone else is familiar with this and can weigh in.

    Good luck,

  • Is this submissive peeing?

  • Thanks for the welcome!

    Our yard is fenced in and she usually lets us know when she needs to go out by sitting in front of or circling the mat near the door. When she does have her accidents i bring her out immediately and it usually takes a few minutes but she will do her business just so that we can go inside where it is warm.

    She only seems to have the accidents when we are not paying attention to her (ie: somone calls or comes to the door, doing dishes etc)

    I am not sure what constitutes as submissive peeing? But she has a "How do you like them apples!" way about doing it.

    She is a Trip sometimes

  • Doesn't sound like submissive peeing…when a dog is confronted with a new or sometimes mildly exciting situation or person and pees because of that. Submissive peeing is very difficult to overcome.

    Without more information, yours sounds like attitude peeing and not very accidental. I had a B owner tell me her bitch was doing this...only she was peeing on the owner's bed. She used a very unconventional method to stop her from doing this that if I told you what she did, some here would fall over from laughter, others from horror. I will just suffice to say the dog was not hurt and she never peed in the house again.

    The correction of attitude peeing can be done, but my method would be to first stop rewarding her for her behavior. I would put her in her crate immediately after peeing, wait for about a half hour then take her outside. She would learn that peeing to get attention only gets her less attention.

    However, first have her checked for a UTI or anything else medically that might cause incontinence.

  • One of my B's pees on a throw rug by the door when I leave - definately an "attitude pee."

  • Welcome to the forum

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