My Basenji Mix family

Edited because I read your other post. You created these dogs. I don't expect you to even consider my advice, but the red and white is overweight. Please consider joints and spine and get off the excess pounds.

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its people like you that give the internet a bad name, no one asked for your opinion, though you are free to give one, but I will point out, it is misinformed and misdirected. F0_1482720041570_new.jpg or your information, the female is a mixed breed, so you have no idea what she is mixed with to make such a comment. Also we did feed her alot while she was nursing, she had 6 pups to feed during her term and after, she lost it all shortly after this picture, but it was one, we had them all sit for a moment, and it is still my favorite.![alt text]![alt text]

Breed doesn't matter, overweight is over weight. But yes, if that was right after puppies.

And I understand... when you want to breed your pets/mixed breeds and spoilsports like me point out if is not responsible, it does ruin the fun. You're welcome.

@katoman Hey, you should really try to relax some! You jump to the defensive all the time!! This is a's for everyone to voice their opinion!! You're not on trial here! It's really pretty interesting when a bunch of people start voicing their idea's & opinions! You're not going to get sue'd because you bred your dogs (at least not by any of us & doubtfully by the folks who bought the pups!). I bet there's a happy guy in there some where ~ let him out for awhile! Okay? It's easy to get along with most everyone here!!

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