New Basenji, Seeka from Florida

Seeka is my second Basenji. I lost my Seren Jane 4 years ago. Wasn't going to get another, but I had such a hole in my heart I had to get another Basenji. Seeka a beautiful tricolored unlike Seren Jane who was a lovely red and white. My heart is whole again.

Welcome to the forum. Yes, they do leave a huge hole when they're gone. I'm glad you managed to find another. Pictures would be nice!

@serenjane I said the same thing "not going to have another" when I lost mine Aug.24th this yr. but I'm getting another also! Have to plug the hole & only another b will do the trick! 🙂

I am glad you got another one! Please post some pictures. Welcome to the forum!

Thanks for the welcome. I look forward to becoming a part of the forum.
I'll post pictures as soon as I learn how.

I know you understand about the hole they leave in your heart.

I'll post pictures to the forum as soon as I get someone to help me.

@serenjane said in New Basenji, Seeka from Florida:

I'll post pictures to the forum as soon as I get someone to help me.

Two ways to post pictures. One is to upload from your computer (see the upload icon at the right of the icons above your post when you are composing it) and the second is if you have the image on line somewhere like Photobucket you can link to it.

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@serenjane I just had to do this bcoz I didn't know I could do it in here either!! It's that last icon on the right that looks like a base with an arrow pointing up!! Click on that icon & it takes you to your pictures. (I'm just following eeeefarms instructions). When you get to your pictures, pick one & left click on the picture! Then at the bottom of the picture page, click on "open" & then it uploads on here!!! Hey eeeefarm, Thank You! 0_1480147005014_MORE DORIE #19.jpg
Dorie saying, "MOM!! COME HERE!! WHAT IS THIS???" It was a worm 😃

@serenjane Ok serenjane!! I did it so I know you can too!! You'll see the icons when you click on "reply" to eeeefarm's post!

I did it too, mostly to see if I could follow instructions and do it, and also to give you a little laugh☺

LOVE THE SMILE! And yes I laughed.

Where did you get Seeka from?

![0_1480207317431_IMG_2300.JPG](Uploading 11%)
Moseeka, "Seeka" for short. Thanks for your help in posting pictures.

@DebraDownSouth w Seeka, as well my previous Basenji came from a breeder in Nichols,Georgia. Dayna Johnson

Oh dear. Not going to say anything... she's luck you got her, but ..

@annlorimer Such a pretty white "toothy" smile & I'm like Deb ~ I got a good laugh too!! Thanks for the picture!!

@annlorimer I love the "puffy" look the top of their mouth gets when they smile so big!!

@serenjane Hi again, ummm, your picture of Seeka didn't upload all the way, I'm just guessing it might have been interrupted when you answered a question. Would you try again please?? We all love to see Basenji pics!!

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