• Hello: Just wondering if your B's plays with stuffed animals. Duchess has an entire toy box filled with them. It is one of her greatest souce of fun and exercise. She even returns them to the Toy Box (most of the time). Something I could never get my kids to do most often. Tee Hee.

  • My dog really likes them especially if they don't belong to him. He has a few of his own but still prefers to grab or attempt to steal one mine or any of my daughters. I now actually take one of his and place it on top of the table so he thinks he's stealing it. I call him my little racoon at these moments.

  • I know what you mean about the 'stealing'. It is hard keeping the bird's toys away from her. She considers them all 'hers'…

  • I think all Bs like to take things they know are not theirs, my Sahara had rather have something of mine anyday than to play with her own stuff, besides how else is she going to get me to chase after her. She will have something of mine in her mouth and go through the doggie door with it, and turn right around and come back through once she sees I am not going to chase her outside for it. She is quite a character, hence, why we love her soooooooo much. haha!!!!

  • Yes our B grabs our stuff and if he's in another room, he'll come to us and kind of show us like saying look what I have….funny

  • Jojo will play rarely with a stuffed animal…she prefers her kong with frozen peanut butter or a good bone but to be fair she is 11 yrs old...not exactly a puppy any more...I wish she did play more with them...

  • I keep seeing references to 'Kong"…what kind of toy is this.???

  • It is a rubber toy that you can stuff with treats.


  • Thank you. I figured it must be something like that. I guess I just never noticed it while browsing the toys. Seems like a lot of people are putting peanut butter in it.
    Thanks again for the reply.

    Also could you tell me how to post a picture of my dog on the forum?

  • Just check out this thread, http://basenjiforums.com/showthread.php?t=259

  • O.k here's where my B is unlike the others. He won't play with his king. I've tried everything but to no avail, he just dosen't like it. And peanut butter, haaa, I've got a jar waiting to be eaten at home. He does like frozen brocoli though, go figure

  • Dash doesn't like the regular Kong. I never put peanut butter in there though. I don't like messes in my house.

  • Sounds like your B's are typical. Each and everyone is different and has their own likes and dislikes.
    I read on the forum about taking empty paper rolls and closing the ends with treats inside. Boy, that was a great five minute thing. She loved that.
    So I enjoy the sharing and will try them all (I imagine)
    Thanks again for the input.

  • We have "babies" Chance's dolls everywhere. He just loves em

  • Keoki isn't interested in the Kong, not even with peanut butter. Jazzy would kill for hers.

    They both love brocolli; he prefers raw carrots, which she won't look at. both like green beans.

    All three of my dogs LOVE stuffed animals and our home is littered with stuffing, legs, heads, ears, and flattened bodies. Kind of looks like a massacre happened at any given moment. We do have a toy basket, that we continually put the toys back into, and the dogs pick and choose over which ones to bring back out. They each have their own particular favorite.

  • Flatten bodies, a Basenji dream… ggggggggg.... same here with the toy basket... however whenever I have had a litter of pups, the thing they loved the best was chewing on the toy basket from the inside!
    Mine love about all veggies... raw or steamed...

  • Gosh you gals sound like your dogs live here. Great to hear about the stuffed animals, and the litter they leave around from them. I guess we are 'normal'. I have never tried the raw vegetables, but we shall be doing so soon. I have a macaw and a parrot that fresh fruit and veggies is every day treats, but never thought to offer them to Duchess.

    FYI. I have tried several times this week to add some pictures of Duchess, but I am not doing something right. So some day, hope to figure it out so I can share her with all. I just love seeing everyone's dog with their names, makes these posts seem so much better.

  • We have tons of stuffed toys, some the play with often and some not as much any more. We ahev a toy basket in our bedroom as well as downstais. One of our dogs will sometimes start pulling things out of the basket until she gets to a particular toy she wants, then play with that. Quite cute.

  • Thanks for your reply. Duchess does the same thing. She has so many that the box runs over. When I decide to get rid of the ones she doesn't play with, she grabs them and runs, and plays with it for a time. So, here, it is a losing game. As long as they have no holes with stuffing coming out, she gets to keep them. Love these dogs.

  • My B loves stuffed toys, but I'm always afraid that when she rips them apart and tries to eat the stuffing that it will hurt her. Is this bad for her? Any suggestions?

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