• I can't seem to get my Basenjis filled up. One will be 15 and one will be 12. I think they would eat 24 hours a day. I feed them good dry food with a little canned and include some pumpkin and green beans to help fill them up more. Any ideas?

  • @Traci my basenjis could also eat 24/7. I feed them twice a day (morning, night) and give them snacks in between meals when I am home. They are both in good shape, not too skinny and not too fat, so I am not too concerned about them wanting to eat all the time.

  • How is their weight? If they are eating a lot and fat, you may need to put on lower calorie food (the green beans/pumpkin is good). If thin, may need to check their thyroid. At their ages, it can cause problems. Please get a full panel run.

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