• Hi, I am looking for some advice on situation below. I am unsure and worried about any negative impact this may have on my beloved Chet and Bebe: I have a boy (chet) who just turned 16 on Christmas eve and a girl (bebe) who turned 15 last Halloween. I moved from CA to IL one year ago and have been home with the pups for that entire year. Prior to my move, my ex wife and I shared custody of the pups for 4 years once we were divorced (my ex and I get along great so there was never any stress at home, even after we separated…our shared custody was trading off each week and we lived pretty close to each other this was all in the SF bay area). Prior to our separation, my wife worked from home, so the pups are used to having someone around most of the time. Over the last few years, we both worked regular jobs, so have had a full time dog sitter stay with the pups during the day. For the most part, they have not been left alone in the house for more than two hour at the most. My ex said good bye to them almost exactly a year ago and still lives in CA. Since I have been in IL, I have been in care-giver mode and worked from the house 95% of the last year. When I have left for work travel, my folks or a good dog sitter stayed with them, again, never leaving them alone for more than a hour or so at any given time. Just a little more info...both pups are in great health for their age. Chet has definitely slowed down but Bebe acts like she is still around 8 years old. Fast, bolts up the stairs and still has some puppy in her. Just in the last few weeks have I noticed a little slowing down and coordination issues. But nothing significant. All that being said, here is my question that I would really appreciate any support. I need to go on a two week trip and was thinking of having my ex come to my house and watch them while I am gone. Since they have not seen her in over a year and might not see her again after she leaves, I am wondering if this would cause a great deal of stress or confusion if she re-enters their lives for two weeks. She would stay at my house so the surroundings would be consistent and I think they would love to see her, but not sure how much it would impact them once she leaves again. Also, since they are at an advanced age (we are so blessed that they have been with us so long as it is), my guess is that it would be the last time they would see their mom. I am going to continue to work from home and be with them full time until the inevitable arrives. My biggest concern is that I have no idea whether seeing their mom for two weeks is a good or bad idea. I am really torn over this and would love any advice, input or experience that anyone may have had in a similar situation. I truly appreciate any comments!!! TT

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