• My little guy has really, almost explosive diareah. It started this afternoon. He did have it once before when he got into the older dogs food. He is eating Natural Balance, Allergy Formula, and our older dogs are on Orijen, which is an all natural dog food. Anyway, tonight it is really bad. I have wee wee pads down, and when he goes, he manages to hit at least four or five of the pads while going. It just seems to shoot out of his butt and land about 2 - 3 feet from him. He has been pretty good about hitting his wee wee pads though. He has missed a bit, but I can understand. I also gave him a dentabone this afternoon when I got back from the grocery store. His poop seems to have white grainy pieces in it, which is the same color and texture as the dentabone. He is otherwise fine. Spunky, getting into trouble. As a matter of fact right now he is torturing Rosie, who isn't impressed as it is 1:14am. Any word of advice would be greatly appreciated. Of course if it keeps up tomorrow I will be taking him into the vet.

  • Natural Balance is on the list of recalled foods including one of its Allergy Formulas, the Venison Formula food.

  • And it very well be the dentabone….

  • @lvoss:

    Natural Balance is on the list of recalled foods including one of its Allergy Formulas, the Venison Formula food.

    He is on the Salmon and Sweet Potatoe dry food. I will check out the website about the recalled food, but I know that the store I got it from has pulled all recalled pet food, as recent as Friday when the new alert came out.

  • Thanks you guys for all your help. I really find this website great. His poop this morning is more normal, but there still looks as if there is sand or grain in it. At least it came out normally enough and wasn't watery. I know he was dewormed, so I am thinking it has to do with the dentabone. My daughter, who took the vet assistant course said it was probably the dentabone also, as they are crap!!!! I'm just trying to figure out if there was anything else he may have gotten into.

  • I can't remember how old your pup is, but often teething can make stool soft…but not usually gushing diarreha. Glad he is feeling better today.

  • He was born December 27. We have noticed a couple of his little teeth are loose. The stuff in his poop almost looks like cat litter. We have two litter boxes, but I don't think he has been near either one of them long enough to eat anything…...But then again he is so quick, who knows.

  • And they LOVE litterboxes…. or the contents, I should say....

  • Our oldest cat passed away a month ago, and we have just kept the litter box in the basement in case Blade, our six year old chickencat goes into the basement. This cat is such a chicken that my mom has never seen him. He was just coming into his own and exploring the house after Clover died and bam, we bring home a puppy. He is always upstairs hiding now, and pup never goes upstairs really. If he does get over the gate, which is happening more frequently, he heads right for the kitchen where the older dogs dishes are. Yesterday morning though, he was upstairs, cause he got over the gate and I didn't know it. He could have gotten into the litter box. His poop is getting better now. More solid than not, still a bit mushy, but formed. I spent quite a bit of time cleaning the rug thins morning and he was quite intrigued by the carpet cleaner. I have almost my whole living room covered with wee wee pads at this time, due to his poor aim…..lol Hopefully I will be able to reduce the amount of wee wee pads in the near futures. Again thanks for your input.

  • I'm not sure if this has already been posted so if so..sorry. I was going to ask what some of the symptoms were for eating the food on the recall list and this string seems to be right on the nose. My girl had horrible diarrhea all day yesterday and some into the night. We were also feeding her the fish and sweet potato Natural Balance and am wondering if that's another food that is contaminated and not yet on the list. We stopped feeding her that can of food and it seems to be hardening and that's the only thing that we have fed her outside of normal things.

  • As of yesterday that was not one of the products recalled. I feed my guy dry food only, but I did check out the Natural Balance website and it wasn't recalled. Achilles is totally fine today. I'm sure it was the combination of Dentabone and the Orajin my older dogs eat.

  • Natural Balance Website

    Products Not Involved in the Recall:

    Products NOT involved in the recall are:

    Ultra Premium Formula Dry Dog Food
    Reduced Calorie Formula Dry Dog Food
    Ultra Premium Formula Dry Cat Food
    Reduced Calorie Formula Dry Cat Food
    Sweet Potato & Fish Dry Dog Food
    Potato & Duck Formula Dry Dog Food
    Organic Formula Dry Dog Food
    Vegetarian Formula Dry Dog Food

    Roll-A-Rounds Dog Treats
    Sweet Potato & Fish Formula Treats
    Potato & Duck Formula Treats
    Crunch-E-Bones TreatsDOG FOOD ROLLS
    Turkey Formula Dog Food Rolls
    Beef Formula Dog Food Rolls
    Lamb Formula Dog Food Rolls

    Liver Formula canned dog food
    Duck and Potato Formula canned dog food
    Sweet Potato & Fish canned dog food
    Eatables Irish Stew canned dog food
    Eatables Hobo Chili canned dog food
    Eatables Southern Style Dumplin’s with Gravy
    Eatables Chinese Take-Out W/Sauce
    Ultra Formula canned cat food
    Turkey & Giblets Formula canned cat food
    Venison & Green Pea canned cat food
    Chicken &Liver Pate Formula canned cat food
    Tuna w/ Shrimp Formula canned cat food
    Salmon Formula canned cat food
    Indoor Cat Formula canned cat food

    Lamb Formula Frozen Loaf
    Beef Formula Frozen Loaf
    Chicken Formula Frozen Loaf
    Raw Chicken Formula
    Raw Beef Formula

  • My little basenji is 5months now and is chewing on everything….

    try Nylabones teething bones. They come in chicken, liver, and original flavors. It has done wonders for my sanity.

    Also, Nylabone makes an edible bone that will take about an hour for them to finish in a variety of flavors. This treat will not cause diahrea and my guys love it.

    Greenies are hard and help with the bad breath but can slightly soften the poop and the poop will be green, but a good treat as well....

    Good Luck!!

  • Also I think that the jury is still out on Greenies… they have been found to "ball up" in the gut and get stuck....

  • I buy the small ones so they can't steat them from each other…..

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