Hellooooo from Illinois!

Brand new here but have been read in the forum pages for the last year. I'm adopting from a local breeder and cannot wait for the puppies to be born. Very exciting times! Anyway, it's been very insightful and incredibly helpful reading the forum for so long already - I hope it can help me when our puppy does come home!

Welcome, glad to have you as a part of this online community.

Welcome to the forum! Please post pictures when you get your pup. 🙂

Welcome, who are you getting your pup from? Many of us here are related by our Basenjis.

Welcome to the forum. Any idea if you are getting a male or female?

First Basenji's

Yes, welcome, and hope to see some pictures….are you going to wait to name the munchkin? or do you have a titled name? what color? red/white, tri color, black, or brindle??? yep, it must be exciting, did you know you can start doing things in the household before you get your new baby? If you are interested, let us know or go on line for great stuff with preparing.

? A titled name? Dogs earn titles. Did you mean a kennel name?

First Basenji's

ooops, I guess I meant a kennel name…hehehehe! please excuse me!

lol considering my mistypes lately, that one doesn't even count.

Welcome, I know how the wait can be to pick up the new pup. I'm on the final countdown to pick mine up….T-minus 5 days.....cannot wait.

Where in Illinois are you. We are in Evanston and have a 2 year old basenji named Jesse.

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