• I am trying to learn all I can about Basenjis. They are beautiful. . We just rescued a beautiful brindle little girl we have named Nova. . My husband and I both feel she is at least part basenji. This little girl makes the strangest sounds we have ever heard from a dog and we had an American Eskimo for 15-1/2 years that pretty much made bear sounds. . She was a mess when we got her, fleas infested, urinary tract infection, dehydrated, and pretty much starving. A guy wanted to get rid of her so my husband brought her home. . The first few days were horrible, with her peeing everywhere but now that we have things medically under control she is blooming into this beautiful little comedian that you can't help but laugh at.

    We also have another almost 2 year old rescue half border collie and half jack Russell or rat terrier mix at best guess that had been an awesome dog and has taken Nova on pretty much like a mom and they are joined at the hip pretty much. They live playing together. Our other girl is Mya and she is extremely smart. So we have 2 extremely unique looking girls that we have fallen in love with. .

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