• Hello all…... the we finally got another red female girl this week.... 4 months old. Its been 6yrs since our last girl died... and the wife just
    couldn't handle another one until lately.. Anyway, I haven't had a puppy in about 50yrs.. so was curious since this dog does a lot
    of scratching herself.. and biting around the base of her tail... if a skin supplement is ok for puppies? She gets Blue Rocky Mountain recipe (w/red meat) for puppies now. I was assuming that should be good enough for her coat. No dandruff.... or even shedding...

    I don't want to load her up on supplements...... haven't given her a bath yet... and I'm sure that will go over well..(hah)...
    Figured I'd ask people who would know.....



  • Generally if you are feeding high quality food (and blue buffalo is good), there isn't a need to add in more oils so I'd really not bother with linatone. A probiotic… yes, to help digest and use the food.

    I also rarely bathe a dog unless they smell or get into something awful (or were showing). Daily brushing/combing keeps their skin and coat good. Sadly I always found puppies needed more often, lol, since they tend to get yucky.

    You need to post pictures of the puppy! Where did you get her from?

  • Fleas? Indication from scratching at the base of the tail could indicate Fleas? And I would bathe her to see if that helps, could be scabs (little ones) from littermates

    have you talked to the breeder?

  • Pat.. you know I saw your post and thought HUH? Then reread and saw I TOTALLY missed the itching sentence. No, I'm not tired! 🙂

    Agree with Pat, could be fleas, could be other things. I'd flea comb the base and see if you find flea dirt, fleas, scabs etc. If the coat in general is good, and you find nothing combing and bathing doesn't help, rubbing a little anti-itch med into the base and distracting til it dries might help.

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