Basenji Mix

Hello all!

My husband and I rescued a one year old Basenji mix a few days ago. We?ve called her Luna-Lovebug. She?s a real love bug.

We are pretty sure she?s part Basenji, having looked at photos online, but were wondering if this forum could give us any answers.
We think she might be Basenji x Border Collie perhaps?

We?ve never had a Basenji before and thought it might be useful to join this forum and get some first hand advice on what they?re all about!

We?ve got two house cats that have never been around dogs, so we?re going to take the introduction very slowly. Does anyone on here have any experience of introducing their Basenji to cats? Any advice would be warmly welcomed!

Thanks and look forward to chatting to you all in this new world we?ve found ourselves a part of!


Welcome to our community!

I'm no expert (there will undoubtedly be one along shortly…) but that third photo looks very B to's my boy's planning mischief she fond of standing on her hind legs? Does she use her paws to explore things? What about her voice? Does she bark? What's her tail like?

She does look like a snug-bug, hard to tell if she is a Basenji mix, she could be, how many Basenji traits does she have? Regarding the cats, our cats already knew a dog when we introduced our Kaiser but still one was easier than the other and then it took time and supervision. Make sure the cats have a high place to feel safe and to be able to watch the dog and don't rush it. We still always supervise as either one could get hurt. Helps If the cats don't run as that is definitely a trigger for them to chase. We also used the crate for time out when teaching him to be calm around the cats. Oh and if you have a litter box don't leave it where she can get to it, it's like a cookie jar to them. Good luck.

Jolanda and Kaiser

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