• I recently brought my dog, Calvin, to a well known board and day camp. The owner met Calvin and immediatly identified him as a Besinji mix. This spurred me to look at the breed and characteristics and behaviors my dog mimicked. Even though Calvin has a short stance, his overall size and stature could be a mix of Besinji and Corgi. He is a great tog.

  • Wow, Basenji and Corgi. I bet that is one energetic dog!


  • Calvin must be adorable! Pics please?

  • The Florida group have a bunch of "low riders"… from a horrible puppymiller who bred to either a corgi or something to produce them. Needless to say, they ended up in rescue. They are utterly adorable, very basenji except the dwarfed legs. Please share some pics and I'll ask them to pop over to here and share their pics. 🙂

  • It looks like the low-riders here in FL are likely a basenji-dachshund mix. Though we really wish we could get the hoarder's dogs removed and sterilized, the adopters of the low-riders really enjoy the basenji vocals in the short package. They were all very chatty with their rooooing in their foster home. The pics here are of the first low-rider that came into rescue (face shot as a pup, side shot as an adult). When he was just a couple of months old, he did look like he was a basenji with dwarfism - short, thick legs. Here is a video clip of the low-rider mom's vocals shortly after she came into rescue: http://youtu.be/YBQUFd9wew8 . Many of the low-riders tend to behave submissively (in a manipulative fashion to get what they want…), so they are constantly pulling their ears back. When they do focus forward, they have adorable little wrinkles. Most have a pretty good tail curl (a few even have a double curl), though a few tend to whip their tails around with so much excitement that their tails look like snakes lashing out randomly. Their basenji voices have been the envy of a few purebreds.

    Looking forward to Calvin pics!

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