• so much that if we are not walking her as much as she thinks we should she will whine, wag her curled up tail, baroo, trot from my husband to either the back door or the fence gate (depending on if my husband is outside or inside) and if none of these work fast enough for her, she starts to jump up on my husband over and over. She is funny to watch…of course she DOES get her way even if we are too tired :rolleyes: then it is a shorter walk. I realize that Bs enjoying walking and they do need the exercise but sometimes it is hard to get up the energy to take her. Jojo is 11 yrs so it is not like she has to be kept under the rule of thumb that "a tired Basenji is a good Basenji". Of course while on the walk she just HAS to smell EVERYTHING sticking above the ground:eek: ...street sings, mail boxes. bushes, trees, fire hydrants, etc...What a wonderful breed!!!:)

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